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I plan on animating stuff the rest of my life... sure hope I don't get my hands cut off.... that'd be rough

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Comments (14)

That was excellent.
Well worthy of being a series, indeed.

bad that you upload that on a bad time
if you have upload some time later it will be on the front page

also good job

awesome man! - i wonder, were you a Tick fan?

keen observation, muchacho. it was a great show

loved the whole thing, not much more to say lol.

ps. i heard the wilhelm scream in the bank :o

hell yeah! someone heard it! i'm so happy right now!

Nice man, it's cool to see more independent series come to fruition!

PS - I caught the Newgrounds graffiti.

there's a Visine for that.

I watched both the PI and the first episode. It's all gold. I want to avoid elaborating too much, because I actually find it takes away things I would say in the future. But understand this: you have yourself a fan.

I wish you luck in your future and look forward to seeing more.

PS: Your friend Kyle MUST make a reappearance. You weren't kidding, his voice acting was pure bliss. XD "I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!" I struggled not to wake everyone up watching that.

thanks man. yeah, i would love to have him back. his voice is wonderful. but he lives across the country and he needs to buy a good quality microphone.

This will be an awesome series!
For some reason, the main characters remind me of Calvin and Hobbes :D

I watched the PIs and the 1st episode and I just read all the character bios and I have to say I'm pumped for this series. I love your animation style.

Good luck with future episodes!

Thats was some funny stuff you uploaded man. The PI ones were jokes. Yeah have you ever though about getting animators/people to help you with your project? coz its a lot of work to put in.

Ahhh and now I must wait for episode 2
Your animation is so smooth, and the characters are good and detailed, but mostly Villainy is hilarious, great work man!

Just noticed we are comming up on Halloween.
*starts praying for GoneToo Far Three*

Well I have good news and bad news... you'll find out what both of those newses very soon!

...as in.. before Halloween

Everything you've put up for the series so far is great. Are you going to be posting the episodes at random or is there a time frame that you're going to try and keep to?

I don't wanna make any promises, because I'll almost definitely break them. All I can say is that I'll put them up as fast as I possibly can.... which means absolutely nothing.

Donkeys Basooka, I has a question, is the ??? character on the website the guy in blue who killed the geek in the beginning of episode 1?

elo my namze is jen mcjohenson,n could you zanimate a cartoon witzh mario n sonic fithing eahecother, that wolud be c00l ^^