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Awwwww shit! You keep makin it harder and harder for me to decide what my favorite episode is! I hope the next one sucks so my life is made easier!

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aalong64 responds:

I'll make the next one a real steaming turd, just for you.

Sweet! Ya did something! I'm incredibly jealous! Nice job. Love the art style.

JazLyte responds:

I did did something! One little incredibly difficult step at a time I wanna get back to this shit *_* I have a hand in the mass cartoon blob but I will not be melted down and assimilated goddammit

This is absolutely fantastic. I keep coming back to watch it again. The animation is great, the shot composition is great, the editing is great, the sound scheme is great. This is worthy of film festivals.

I'll admit, each time I am a little thrown off by the fact that the voice actor sounds so young (doesn't really fit the appearance of the character), but the performance itself is spectacular. The voice actor can deliver. I'm not sure this is the right role for him, but he knew the inflection to put into what he was saying.

Regardless, it doesn't detract from the piece enough to ruin my appreciation for your work. I love the way the story was told, and the implementation of the rhyming. So well done. Amazing work.

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people are WAY harder critics on games than they are on movies. i thought this was fun. granted, i havent gotten a single one of the medals yet, but thats irrelevant. nice work.

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RiverJordan responds:

Thanks yo :) You'll get them medals!


Surprisingly thorough. There have been a lot of microsoft windows games like this. But what sets this apart from the others is that this one doesn't suck diarrhea straight from the ass of a rhinoceros.... if you catch my meaning.

Well done.

heybournekevin responds:

i do, thanks

the last level before the boss (level 2)

god damn it, lol. i sat there suspecting thats probably what i was supposed to do for like 10 minutes, but was too afraid to actually do it. nice work though. i dont see how better graphics could have hurt this, but it was a very entertaining puzzle game. nice work

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one of the greatest things I've ever heard

this is hilarious. and it sounds awesome. and its just ridiculously creative.

Evil-Dog responds:

Haha thanks dude

clap clap clap

nice range. you are an excellent voice actor. but i'm cheap and poor

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i completely don't understand this

but it's still so awesome.

beautifully detailed work. I don't understand the fly, or the bat... but hey it's undeniably newgrounds related so kick ass!

these are awesome

i think people are often so impressed with your voice acting that they don't fully realize what a phenomenal artist you are. i'd be willing to bet your middle name is "talented"


that looks shockingly similar to Earthworm Jim's pocket-rocket.

whether or not it was inspired by that or not, it's still pretty groovy. nicely done

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I plan on animating stuff the rest of my life... sure hope I don't get my hands cut off.... that'd be rough

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