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I plan on animating stuff the rest of my life... sure hope I don't get my hands cut off.... that'd be rough

James Bowman @DonkeysBazooka

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Animator... fo reelz

you bet

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Comments (15)

Heeeeeeeey maaaaaaaaaaaaan

whaddup feeeeeeeeeeelix

I see Sandy couldn't freeze you eternally... It's great you're back!

That's the most pleasant smile I've ever seen.

Really fucking amazing work dude

thank you, matthew. i respect your opinion. because its a compliment. and i am insecure.

Goat see :L

I hated it...or perhaps I loved it...I don't know, I don't know how to make up my own mind. In conclusion, good episode

Where have ya'been we've missed you! Specially for VILLAINY love to see that, I'm no professional voice actor yet, but I can't wait for what The Lube is gunna sound like...maybe some preppy rich guy....who knows! It's great to see the next episode up, LOVE IT!

Excellent work. I hope we can see more animation on par with this on newgrounds. We've been in short supply lately.

And MAN would I like to work with you in the near future.

I dont understand why this has a score less than 4.4

whoa, it's gone way up since i last checked. i won the daily second with a score of like 3.7

Good to see you back. now start pumping that villiany show and get the fans pumped.
also keep rocking

nice goat pick.

hey are there gonna be any new villainy i really wanna see more from it

The Villainy Episodes are great. They are well animated, voiced, and they have great comical value. I greatly hope that you continue the series.

I do however have 1 question. In Gone Too Far Too at the epilogue it said "To be Continued" and I was wondering...will this ever truly be continued? I really liked that animation, it was extremely well made and I am very curious as to what happens to the trick-or-treater.

Hey, I've seen you've been active on Newgrounds still. So, how is your flash coming along? :3

Just terribly, thanks for asking! I'm working on lots of stuff for Machinima right now (a webseries called Rip Snorting, and some videogame parody). I'm hoping to have all of that stuff done by early September, though, so I can get back to work on Villainy...

I have nothing to say 'cause I haven't watched your shows yet but just watched jazza's interview with you,which was awesome...COOL GOAT PIC, WHERE DID YOU GET IT?!