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I plan on animating stuff the rest of my life... sure hope I don't get my hands cut off.... that'd be rough

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I've been thirsting for Villainy a while now and I CAN'T WAIT MUCH LONGER!
So I vote for a short as opposed to an episode

your vote has been cast!

In the spirit of trolling lets go with the option that makes everyone use the best of their virtues.

I vote for an actual episode, why? because i want to see people work their patience!!

I refuse to suck any kind of dick, metaphorical or not. As for my vote, I don't really care. Just make something Villany related. Just do whatever is easier for you.

i'd vote for a short; you can never go wrong unless the audience wants more, which...in that case is a good thing.

The new short was great and caught me by surprise :)

good job mate!

thanks, comrade!

Do whatever is the most fun to do. It's not like people are paying you, right? A hobby should be fun, not work!

This is true. But it will be tougher to grow the Villainy brand if a new cartoon only comes out every several months. I'm not really animating for fun, I'm animating to sell an idea, which i'm looking for people to "pay" me with views. So although I'd love to just do full episode after full episode (I have 7 fully scripted in the first season I need to get through), that isn't enough to amass an audience.


How you thought about making a Villainy web comic?

The series was originally supposed to be a graphic novel, so yeah, it could potentially be a web comic. Maybe someday when I'm tired of animating it that could be another form it could take.

Great work as always, though it could've been so much longer. :) Happy Belated Halloween!

I was like, "Why didn't I see this in my feed this morning?" and then I realized I wasn't following you... Which is really strange. Now I am! Also front paging.

That's because i follow you, Tom. You are the leader in our relationship.

I am curious, do you have any plans on continuing "Gone Too Far Too"? That is probably one of my favorite animations by you.
I also wanted to add that your Villainy episodes are great as ever, the only thing you need to work in is finding a way to get some more out in a shorter amount of time. Also, if you are having any issues funding it, you could easily try kickstarter, with those episodes that you have made I am sure you could get plenty of people to endorse it (myself included!).

I had an idea for a Part 3 of Gone Too Far when I was working on the second one, and I did intend to get eventually do it, but I currently have no plans to revisit it. It's not something I can see growing into anything bigger than the flash trilogy, so I'd rather focus my time and energy onto something with more potential (i.e. Villainy). I love the idea of doing a Kickstarter, but I just don't think it's popular enough to achieve the funding goal. Maybe someday it will be, and if so, I'd want to wait and try a Kickstarter when I think it as more of a chance of success.