Villainy Development Blog #1

2013-12-09 21:02:46 by DonkeysBazooka


Right, so, after several very productive meetings and many many very unproductive meetings where we discussed what we want to do with the season arc, and figured out what needed to happen in each episode, a draft of the script is written out.  The first draft is either written by Jeff (the co-creator), or myself, and then the other one gets a pass at it to say what they like and/or don’t like. “This line isn’t funny.” “This could be better.” “You should hate yourself for thinking this was a good idea.” Sometimes the changes are major; sometimes just a few lines need to be changed.  

Villainy Episode 3 script made in Celtx














What you’re looking at is the third and final draft of the script for Episode 3.  Since this is the first time the characters The Lube and Pherodoxy are appearing in this universe, we hadn’t quite nailed down their voices and what we wanted them to sound like yet.  The first draft had the Lube (Johnny Voxx), talking like a pompous British man. We decided that didn’t fit the character the way we wanted and instead rewrote him to sound…. less so.

The scripts for all 7 episodes of this season have all already been through at least one draft.  We don’t usually start making revisions until it comes time to actually produce an episode. Now that we’ve settled on a script we’re happy with, it’s my job to then do everything else. 



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