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Awwwww shit! You keep makin it harder and harder for me to decide what my favorite episode is! I hope the next one sucks so my life is made easier!

Aaron-Long responds:

I'll make the next one a real steaming turd, just for you.

Sweet! Ya did something! I'm incredibly jealous! Nice job. Love the art style.

JazLyte responds:

I did did something! One little incredibly difficult step at a time I wanna get back to this shit *_* I have a hand in the mass cartoon blob but I will not be melted down and assimilated goddammit

This is absolutely fantastic. I keep coming back to watch it again. The animation is great, the shot composition is great, the editing is great, the sound scheme is great. This is worthy of film festivals.

I'll admit, each time I am a little thrown off by the fact that the voice actor sounds so young (doesn't really fit the appearance of the character), but the performance itself is spectacular. The voice actor can deliver. I'm not sure this is the right role for him, but he knew the inflection to put into what he was saying.

Regardless, it doesn't detract from the piece enough to ruin my appreciation for your work. I love the way the story was told, and the implementation of the rhyming. So well done. Amazing work.

Absolutely stunning. "How the fuck did he do that?" went through my head countless times while watching it. I disagree with the sentiment that it was boring. I watched it twice. It's just visually captivating. You're a master of the style.

Hell yes. This had it all, yo. Well written, great artwork, great voicework. Nice work. Made my day.

The animation was astonishing. Doesn't looks like you ever cut corners or took the easy route. I cannot give it enough praise. The audio quality of the voicework was rather low, and I'll admit that took me out of it a bit towards the beginning. I was so awestruck by the animation though, that I soon forgot all about it. Really excellent work. An instant favorite.

holy shit this was funny. i like that you picked on aspects of the game that haven't already been done a thousand times. even though this was another pokemon parody, it was very unique and really stands out from the crowd.

MangaFood responds:

Thank you sir

That was spectacular. Hilarious idea, and the caricatures were spot on. And WOW were those voices accurate. Piort Michael has an incredible gift. Go Elvidian Entertainment, go!

I approve this message

You are the voice of everyone with an actual sense of humor on the internet.

psychicpebbles responds:

Haha, thanks dude!

I plan on animating stuff the rest of my life... sure hope I don't get my hands cut off.... that'd be rough

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